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Utility Covers

There are several types of utility covers in the City. Use the guide below to help identify your cover.

Grinder Systems  
grinder street valve
grinder system lid  grinder control box 
 STEP Systems    
 large green round step system lid  small rectangular step system street valve box  wall mounted step system control with red alarm light
 Sewer System    
 brown metal round sewer manhole cover with CIty of Lacey logo  small brown round metal valve cover with sewer in large letters  
 Stormwater System    
 square brown metal stormwater grate next to curb  round brown metal stormwater manhole cover with City of Lacey logo  
Water System    
 round brown metal water manhole cover with WATER in large letters  rectangular water meter cover with City of Lacey Water lettering  
Other Systems    
 small metal rectangular lid with LT lettering    


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